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Wasting Time Counting Calories

Are You Wasting Your Time Counting Calories?

One of the first questions my nutrition coaching clients ask is, “How many calories should I eat each day?” In most cases, my answer is not to worry about it. Let’s fix what you’re eating first, then we’ll tinker with how much. Blasphemy! Calories in-Calories out! Yes, I know. But most folks aren’t even close […]

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5 Things You Can Stop Saying About Nutrition

Some things in the fitness and nutrition realm are just tossed around as certainties and we’re supposed to accept them as such. Most of the time, we do just that because the experts tell us so. Unfortunately, in many cases, accepting things without understanding them only sets us up for frustration. Below are five things […]

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Should Tactical Athletes Run?

If running is your way to zen, you should run. Some folks just hit their happy place as their soles slap left over right across the tarmac, and they will argue vociferously (go word-a-day calendar!) against anyone who slanders their sport. But that’s not most of us. Most of us run because we have been […]

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Knowing Is Half the Battle

What Does “Get In Shape” Mean, Anyway?

Are you “in shape”? Odds are you got that answer pretty quickly. Did you snap a quick, “Heck yeah!”, a slightly less exuberant “Well, I could be in better shape” or a not-too-pleased “Um, no”? Now, what does “get in shape” mean? Gotta think about that one? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Undefined is Unreachable Difficult […]

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<a href="">#4. Disregarding Your Limits</a> </p>

I Think My Beast Mode Is Broken

Let’s be honest here: I’m in my 40s, and I spent over twenty years doing hazardous things in harsh conditions. So why in the world would I want to go to a gym that tells me stuff like this: Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going! -Jillian Michaels   Wait, what? Many of us, […]

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